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Saturday State News Briefs: Dunn County jurors refuse to release Taylor from Mendota

MENOMONIE - It took jury members only about an hour to decide not to release 65 year old Alvin Taylor from a state mental hospital.

Taylor's attorney told the court his client is no longer taking medication and hasn't had a violent outburst at Mendota Mental Health Institute in the last 25 years. He had killed four people in the Chippewa Valley in the 1980s. In his closing arguments, District Attorney James Peterson had called Taylor a "very dangerous man," urging the jurors to recommit him. They agreed at the hearing in Dunn County.


Three women have been arrested in connection with the 2007 killing of Lara Plamann. One of the suspects is the victim's domestic partner, 53 year old Dianna Siveny. Plamann was found shot in the head with her body left in an outbuilding on the property she and Siveny owned. Siveny had also been charged with paying someone to beat Plamann a year before she was killed, but those charges were dropped. The other two suspects in the murder case are from St. Paul, Minnesota. Plamann was 30 years old when she was killed.


An Oklahoma man has been bound over for trial in connection with a sexual assault case from 23 years ago. Glen Gouker was extradited to Wisconsin last week. He will face first-degree sexual assault charges in Waupaca County Circuit Court. Prosecutors say Gouker sexually assault a woman who was 20 years old at the time in November 1990. The assault allegedly happened in a park in the village of Iola. Prosecutors say they used DNA evidence to link him to the attack. He will be arraigned February 27th. Gouker is also listed as a person of interest in a double murder case which is more than 20 years old, but he hasn't been charged in that one yet.