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Minnesota woman to enter plea deal in Ashland boyfriend's death

DULUTH - A Minnesota woman is scheduled to enter a plea March seventh in the killing of her lover in Ashland.

Angelina O'Mara is serving a life prison term for killing her husband in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, just days before she and her lover allegedly checked into an Ashland motel - where 36-year-old Michael Pies was later found dead in their room. Authorities said both men were shot in the head.

O'Mara, who turns 40 next month, was charged in the Ashland case after she pleaded guilty to the Minnesota murder. That plea came four days into her trial. O'Mara was ordered to stand trial for her lover's death on the same day as her initial appearance, because she's being held so far away. If O'Mara chooses to plead guilty at her arraignment, the judge said he would leave time open for an immediate sentencing. She faces a possible second life term.