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Guilty verdicts come down on Native American gang

MINNEAPOLIS - Prosecutors say a violent American Indian gang in the Upper Midwest has become weaker, after three of its members were convicted of numerous crimes. But Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Winter says authorities still have a lot of work to do - and he's certain that the Native Mob and other gangs will continue to wreak havoc.

Yesterday, a federal court jury in Minneapolis handed down guilty verdicts against Native Mob leader Wakinyon McArthur, and members Anthony Cree and William Morris. Officials said they and other gang members invoked fear into Native Americans in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and elsewhere. The 34-year-old McArthur was found guilty of racketeering, drug dealing, and weapons charges - but he was found innocent of attempted murder in the shooting of another man that McArthur allegedly ordered. Cree and Morris were both convicted of attempted murder, aid in racketeering, and several other counts. No sentencing dates were set.

All three men could spend between 20 years and life in prison. Twenty five people were originally arrested in the Native Mob racketeering case. The other 22 struck plea deals.