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Prosecution makes closing arguments in Schaffhausen trial

HUDSON - A state prosecutor was making his closing arguments early this afternoon in the Aaron Schaffhausen sanity trial in Saint Croix County.

This morning, defense lawyer John Kucinski told the jury that Schaffhausen suffered from a depression that was made stronger by a dependence on his ex-wife. Kucinski said it's why the 35-year-old Schaffhausen should be found innocent-by-insanity, and sent to a mental institution after he admitted killing his three young daughters last summer in River Falls.

A state psychiatrist agreed that Schaffhausen suffered from depression - but he still knew right-from-wrong when he stabbed and slashed his three girls. As a result, the state says Schaffhausen should go to prison. After the prosecution's final arguments, the case was expected to go to the jury. Only 10 of the 12 final jurors need to agree on a verdict.