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Brawl at UW-RF's Ramer Field leads to citations

River Falls police cited three young men for their alleged roles in a large-scale scuffle at Ramer Field on the UW-River Falls campus last Friday, July 1, around 3 a.m. The men were part of two groups who were leaving Main Street bars and arguing. The groups agreed to meet at Ramer and duke it out.

The results were some minor injuries - cuts and bruises, a swollen eye. Some of the men fled as city and campus police officers converged on the fighters.

Three men in their early 20s, one from River Falls and two from Hudson, were cited for disorderly conduct. A 20-year-old rural River Falls man was cited for underage drinking.

Also in the past week, police:

--Arrested a 22-year-old local man for going on a birthday rampage by ripping flowers out of planters at two businesses along Elm Street after 2 a.m. Friday while leaving the downtown bars. The man said he was so happy celebrating his birthday that he began screaming, plucking at flowers and tossing them in the air. This birthday revelry resulted in him receiving two $240 criminal damage citations -- one for each of the two damaged flower planters -- plus restitution to the businesses.

--Cited two males, one a 28-year-old from South Carolina and a 16-year-old local boy, for disorderly conduct last week late Wednesday night for driving around and brandishing what looked a shotgun but turned out to be a Buzz Bee toy shotgun that shoots Nerf pellets. To some witnesses, it appeared as if the boy was loading a real gun and then aiming it out the window as the older man drove his vehicle down Main Street. A woman with her child at the downtown Holiday store felt threatened and alarmed. She notified police. The 28-year-old was also given a fine for displaying a facsimile firearm.

--Arrested a 51-year-old local man for drunk driving recently in the early morning at the drive-thru lane of McDonald's, 1505 Paulson Road. The man was apparently so intoxicated his speech was slurred and an employee could barely understand his order. A manager was contacted. After the man managed to pay for his food and move his car a short distance, officers arrived. This was the man's second drunk driving arrest. He was taken to the hospital for a blood sample and then on to county jail in Hudson.

For more, please read Police Beat in the July 7 print edition of the River Falls Journal.