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MINNESOTA NEWS ROUNDUP: Lakeland woman robbed by suspects dressed as utility workers

Washington County Sheriff's Deputies say a West Lakeland Township woman opened her door to two men she thought were with the utility company, but it turned out they were there to rob the home. The victim says the two men were wearing reflective utility vests, but when she opened the door after they knocked the men rushed her, bound her hands and feet with zip ties, and they were joined by two more men who helped gather a safe, jewelry, and other valuables from the home. One of the men was armed with a handgun. Investigators say the bound victim was carried or thrown from room-to-room during the robbery. 


Police say a 7-year-old boy was hurt when a suspected drunk driver ran him over while he was riding his bike in St. Paul yesterday (Tue). Investigators say the woman behind the wheel tried to run from the scene, but they were able to find and arrest her shortly after the crash. Her identity has not been released, but officers say she was booked into Ramsey County Jail for fleeing the scene and suspicion of DWI. The boy is listed in stable condition. 


Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton and the governors of North and South Dakota have sent a joint letter to Republican House Speaker John Boehner and Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi, urging them to forward the proposed farm bill approved by the House Agriculture Committee and get a bill into conference committee. The note says the farm bill is too important for the nation, agriculture and conservation to allow it to be run off track by Washington politics, and the nation's farmers and ranchers need the policies finalized in order to make sound business decisions and to bring stability to the entire agriculture industry. They add that a vote for another extension of the farm bill is not the responsible course for the country's food security. 


Prosecutors say that a Vadnais Heights man became angry when another man was hunting for duck in the spot he'd staked out for himself at Spring Lake Park Reserve last November, and during the dispute 38-year-old John Killeen fired two shots at the other man. He has now been charged with firing a gun in a dangerous manner. Court papers show that Killen told police he was shooting at ducks, but other hunters who witnessed the incident said there were no waterfowl in the area. Killeen is no stranger to a Minnesota court room He was convicted of disorderly conduct in 2002, and has several previous convictions for hunting violations. 


Hoarding disorder is often a closely guarded secret held by those that suffer from it, and St. Paul fire officials believe it contributed to the death of 68-year-old Charles Nightingale yesterday (Tue) morning. Janet Yeates co-founded The Hoarding Project as a graduate student at the University of Minnesota, and says the reality shows that have popped up in recent years concerning the disorder have been both a help and a hindrance. Helpful from the standpoint of awareness, but she says those shows often show the most extreme situations and spotlight the most extreme personalities, which adds to the stereotype or the stigma that, "All people who hoard are crazy." The Hoarding Project provides clinical research and education on hoarding disorder, and Yeates says it's often a symptom of an underlying trauma that can be cured once that trauma is addressed. 


A reward is being offered by the Blue Earth and Nicollet County Sheriff's Departments, for information that leads them to a wanted fugitive. 31-year old Jacob Friedrichs is wanted by the department of corrections for a parole violation, plus warrants in both Blue Earth and Nicollet counties that include assaulting an officer and running from police. Sheriff Dave Lange says Friedrichs has been stealing his way through rural Nicollet County, and is responsible for, "A lot of rural daytime burglaries." On Monday afternoon Friedrichs drove the wrong way down Highway 14 and then the wrong way on a ramp from Highway 169 before ditching his car and running into the woods. He again escaped again while dozens of law enforcement officers, several K-9 units, and the State Patrol helicopter searched for him. 


Police in Colorado have now confirmed that the body that was found July fourth near a cabin are those of Annie Meyer, a Minnesota native who has been missing for five months. John Romero with the Wheat Ridge, Colorado Police says the coroner has not yet determined the cause of death, but a Denver television station reports a sheriff's deputy said it looked like a homicide. Leann "Annie" Meyer was raised in Saint Peter, Minnesota where her parents still live. She had been living in Wheat Ridge, on the outskirts of Denver, when she disappeared in February. __________________________________________________________________________

Twenty-six motorcycle riders have died on Minnesota roads in 2013, versus 18 at this time last year. The state Public Safety Department's Bruce Gordon says June was the deadliest month this year, when ten riders were killed. Gordon says motorcyclists and car drivers need to share the road -- and drivers need to look twice for motorcycles. About half of the motorcyclists killed in crashes this year were over age 50; about a third were under 30. 


Itasca County prosecutors are asking a judge this morning (830am) that a 17-year-old involved in a high-speed chase last week be certified as an adult. Authorities say officers were responding to a domestic assault call when Grant Gunderson of Grand Rapids took off at speeds of more than 100 miles an hour. Investigators say he tried to ram two squad cars and forced them off the road. During the chase a Grand Rapids police officer fired shots. Gunderson is charged with domestic assault, use of deadly force against a police officer and fleeing from police. 


Bob Dylan plays another concert in his home state tonight (Wed) at the Saint Paul Saints' ballpark after last night's event at Bayfront Festival Park in Duluth Twelve-thousand people are expected at Midway Stadium for the Americanarama Festival featuring Dylan, My Morning Jacket, Wilco and Richard Thompson. The music starts at 5:30 pm and 72-year-old Dylan is expected to take the stage around 9 o'clock. There is limited parking near the ballpark and organizers are encouraging fans to take a shuttle from the State Fairgrounds lot 55 on Como Avenue.