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Schaffhausen friend sentenced to probation

HUDSON - A friend and former co-worker of Aaron Schaffhausen will spend time on probation, for threatening to hurt prosecutors and witnesses at Schaffhausen’s sanity trial in April.

31-year-old Joseph Rollag of Andover, Minnesota pleaded guilty yesterday in Saint Croix County to illegally carrying a concealed weapon. Charges of threatening a witness, possessing a switch-blade knife, and disorderly conduct were dropped in a plea deal. Rollag was planning to testify on Schaffhausen’s behalf, as a jury in Hudson was trying to decide whether to send the defendant to prison or a mental institution for killing his three daughters.

A psychiatric nurse was evaluating Rollag while he was sitting outside the courthouse – and he said he had thoughts of harming or killing the participants in the trial. Schaffhausen ended up getting life in prison. Rollag is on probation for 18 months, with the condition that he continues getting mental health treatment.