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Man accused of biting, slugging dog, claims not to know that’s animal abuse

River Falls police ended up arresting and taking to jail a 23-year-old local man for animal mistreatment Friday, Oct. 11.

The alleged incident took place in the 900 block of Sycamore Street.

The accused man said he was caring for a pit bull named Dozer.

The dog was found whimpering, yelping, limping and bleeding from face and head.

The man said the pit bull wouldn’t get out of a vehicle and made a move as if to snap, so he grabbed the dog by the neck and slugged it repeatedly with his fist.

Later he allegedly told officers he had struck the dog before and bitten it, but that he was unaware this was cruel or considered animal abuse. He also said he trains pit bulls.

Police say they’ve also obtained video of some of the man’s violent actions toward the dog.

The case goes to the district attorney.