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Battery suspect: Might just have been that time of the month

River Falls police arrested a 34-year-old rural River Falls man for allegedly punching and choking his girlfriend. At one point he blamed the fight on the woman because it was ‘her time of the month.’

The incident occurred after 10 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 23, at 321 Lewis St.

The alleged victim was heard screaming for help by neighbors and may have been dragged into the house.

Inside, she was found crying hysterically and bleeding from the nose and mouth.

The first officer on the scene drew his gun. The suspect, also cut and bleeding, was forcibly handcuffed.

There’d been drinking, arguing about music, and then things got physical. The man was taken to county jail in Ellsworth.

Police also:

--Arrested a 20-year-old man for criminal damage to property, trespassing and bail jumping at 4 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 23, at a rental unit at 905 Sycamore St.

The man and his pregnant girlfriend apparently had been sleeping overnight in a hallway stairwell. Their stuff, including blankets and garbage, was scattered.

There was also graffiti on the  walls and  plastic bottles of urine behind a pop machine.

The man, who works at a local restaurant and has Pierce County charges pending for disorderly conduct and drug paraphernalia possession, was given a citation and will be asked to pay cleanup restitution to the landlord.

--Cited a 42-year-old local woman for drug paraphernalia possession at 317 Nicole Lane #1 Friday night, Oct. 25. Police responded to a complaint of a marijuana odor.

The woman allegedly admitted to smoking pot but said she’d only smoked one bowl from her pipe. Two other family members in the apartment were not given citations.

--Arrested a 55-year-old Minnesota man for a warrant last week Thursday afternoon, Oct. 24, at the Valu Stay Inn, 708 N. Main St. Police were called there because hotel employees were trying to evict a man, but he was naked and drunk inside his room.

Officers found the man naked in a chair but also alert. He said he’d consumed a liter of vodka, wasn’t suicidal, and wanted to pay for another night’s lodging.

An employee said that wasn’t going to happen. It was then discovered the man was wanted for a warrant out of Somerset, so he was taken to county jail in Hudson.

There’s more. Please see Police Beat in the Oct. 31 print edition of the River Falls Journal.