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Public reminded to practice gun safety

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 134 youth ages 1–19 years died as a result of an unintentional firearms death in 2010, according to information from Police Chief Eric Ladwig of the Ellsworth Police Department.

“As we get our guns out for another deer hunting season, I want to remind all gun owners that you are responsible for making sure your weapon does not fall into the hands of children and others who are unaware how quickly curiosity can result in catastrophe,” the chief said.

“Your guns should always be unloaded prior to them being taken into the home,” he said. “When stored, they should be unloaded and either secured with a lock that makes them inoperable or locked in a gun cabinet or safe. When taken from their storage area, each gun should be rechecked so you are absolutely sure it is unloaded.”

The EPD has a limited number of gun locks available free of charge to anyone stopping by the office. Stop in during regular office hours for assistance from Police Secretary Karen Meyer.

“Help us help you make your hunting season memorable in only the best of ways,” Ladwig said.

Ellsworth Police Chief Eric Ladwig