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CRIME AND COURT ROUNDUP: Milwaukee couple turns themselves in for a handgun incident at a Racine store

A Milwaukee couple has turned themselves in to authorities after a handgun incident at a Burlington Coat Factory in Racine. Police say on Saturday, 34-year-old Marvin Jackson allegedly took off his coat and handed it to an unidentified woman. A handgun reportedly fell out of his coat pocket and fired one shot when it hit the floor, striking a metal fixture. The couple allegedly picked up the gun and took off. Racine Police say Jackson turned himself in after seeing pictures from a surveillance camera online, he was arrested for reckless endangerment by negligent weapon handling. Police say Jackson was a valid concealed carry permit holder.

_________________  A convicted sex offender is going back to prison for violating the terms of his extended supervision. Andrew Guenther will spend two more year behind bars for allegedly abusing an elderly going back to prison for two more years for abusing an elderly man. A judge found Guenther guilty of subjecting an at-risk person to abuse and two counts of intimidating a witness. The abuse stems from a 2008 incident where Guenther punched the older man in the leg and hit his foot with a baseball bat. The victim’s wife saw Guenther do it, and the couple’s pastor reported the crime. The complaint also says Guenther threatened to cut their throats while they slept if they called authorities. Guenther also got in trouble for lying to his case managers and not informing them about his new live-in girlfriend.

 Officials in Madison are attempting to regulate a business that offers hugs and cuddling from a professional snuggler. The Snuggle House offers up to an hour of what they call “therapeutic hugs and cuddling” for 60-dollars a pop. City attorneys and police worry that the sessions could lead to sexual assault, with one assistant city attorney saying “no offense to men, but I don’t know any man who wants to just snuggle.” An attorney for the owner of The Snuggle House says the business is legit and there’s no truth to the claim. Police say they will run routine, undercover compliance checks to ensure limits. 


Wausau police are trying to determine how a number of rifles and shotguns ended up underneath a bridge on the frozen Wisconsin River. Lieutenant Michael Juedes says they got a tip about the guns early Saturday morning, saying several firearms were on the ice underneath the Bridge Street Bridge. Several burglaries have taken place in Wausau over the past few months with a number of guns and rifles stolen… police are now trying to determine who the original owners of the guns are. More information on the case could be revealed later today.