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Ellsworth village officials voice their say where to build jail

Ellsworth Village Board members made it known Wednesday where they believe the new Pierce County Jail should be built.

And they questioned Pierce County officials on a number of matters pertaining to the jail.

After Ad Hoc Committee Chairman Jim Ross explained the advantages and disadvantages of the six sites, village officials offered their two cents.

Village President Gerald DeWolfe started by asking about the county’s long-range or comprehensive planning. He asked why, he explained, because the village asked the county five years ago about future planning and got no response.

The conversation then shifted to the Grove Street location and the county purchasing five houses along that street, which eventually went up in flames or were demolished.

Ellsworth Public Works Director Greg Engeset threw out an opinion a lot of people probably agreed with pertaining to the houses.

“I think Gerry and the board would like to know what’s going on,” he said. “The question has been asked for a number of years on why the county has been buying properties. Someone didn’t want to communicate with the village because they have never been told what is going on.”

Ross pledged more communication with the village.  

It was also said during the meeting the purchase of the houses has eliminated levy money that would go to the village and county as well.

DeWolfe also opined if Grove Street is the location, he believes the state would want the road revamped and it would be the village’s responsibility to foot the bill. Village officials also said the Grove Street property would have to be rezoned.

For more please read the January 15 print version of the Herald.