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Charges to be filed today in Hudson shooting incident

HUDSON - Authorities in Hudson expect charges to be filed today in a shooting incident outside a liquor store on Sunday morning.  

Two men remain in custody in Bloomington Minnesota.  Three people were wounded in a parking lot just outside Spirit Seller Liquors.  28-year-old Fartun Aidid of Hopkins Minnesota is the only one still hospitalized.  She was in critical condition at last word.  

A motive has not been established, although a brother of one of the victims told a reporter he was tired of violence against Somalis.  Police Chief Marty Jensen said the victims have not cooperated much with investigators -- so they're not sure if it was two groups that got tangled up, or whether the shootings were gang-related.  He said two of the victims went in the store to buy liquor, but their credit card was declined.  The victims and suspects then talked in the parking lot, just before shots were fired and the shooters drove back into Minnesota -- where police saw their vehicle, and they were arrested near a Bloomington hotel, where apparent evidence was found.  

Chief Jensen said many Minnesotans travel to Hudson to buy booze on Sundays, when liquor stores in their home state are closed.