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Milltown Deputy Fire Chief allegedly killed by drunk driver while he was walking home

An alleged drunk driver could face criminal charges, after she allegedly struck and killed the deputy fire chief in Milltown. Polk County authorities said 34-year-old Chad Hansen was walking on the traveled part of Highway 35 during blizzard conditions early Sunday, when a 32-year-old female driver from Frederic hit him. Officials said Hansen was off-duty, walking home after being out on Saturday night. She told sheriff's deputies that she had four drinks at a bar in Luck -- and she was driving to another establishment when she struck Hansen. The woman said she tried to miss Hansen but couldn't. Her blood alcohol level at the time was said to be one-point-three-six, over one-and-a-half times the allowable limit for drunk driving. She was booked on possible charges of causing homicide and injury by drunk driving. Hansen was on the Milltown Fire Department since 1997, and became a deputy chief a year ago. He also served as a street employee for the village.