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D.A.R.E. holds graduations throughout county

The Plum City and Ave Maria Graduation class.1 / 5
Mrs. Glaus’ fifth grade class in Elmwood winners were Braydon Wolf for essay and Brooklyn Link for leadership.2 / 5
Plum City winners were Elijah Gansluckner for leadership and Natalie Mark for essay.3 / 5
Winners in Mr. Matzek’s fifth grade class at Malone Elementary in Prescott were Sophia Lebakken for essay and Madeleine Tibayan for leadership.4 / 5
DARE Leadership award and essay winners for Mrs. Stevens’ fifth grade class in Spring Valley – Luke Walkky (left) and Nate Fesenmaier (right). (Submitted photos)5 / 5

Over the last few weeks, the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program in Pierce County graduated approximately 250 fifth grade students.

Graduating schools were Spring Valley, Elmwood, Plum City, Ave Maria and Malone Elementary.

Although the DARE program participates in kindergarten through fourth grade as well as fifth grade, a culmination takes place at the end of their fifth grade class. Students learn about alcohol, tobacco, peer pressure, bullying and prescription drugs, to name a few topics.

The week of Feb. 10, the DARE program will begin at the Ellsworth Middle School, Hillcrest, Prairie View, St. Joseph’s in Prescott and St. Francis in Ellsworth.

The program is led by Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Albarado.