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CRIME AND COURT ROUNDUP: Minnesota man sentenced to 28 years prison for reckless homicide

A Minnesota man will spend 28 years in prison for killing his girlfriend near Wausau, in a dispute over how they split up the money from their illegal drug sales. 23-year-old Richi Vue of Saint Paul must also spend seven years under extended supervision once he gets out -- and he'll have to pay restitution for this and his previous crimes. Vue shot 20-year-old Lee Xiong to death at her Weston apartment in October of 2012. Officials said he escaped in a stolen truck, and was tracked down in the woods about 40 miles away near Abbotsford. Officers also said they caught Vue with one of 55 weapons stolen in a rash of Wausau area gun shop burglaries in 2012. Vue escaped a life prison sentence by striking a plea deal that convicted him of reckless homicide. He was high on meth at the time of the chase, and his attorney argued that Vue got caught up in his environment and an abusive relationship. A prosecutor said it Vue was a career criminal already -- and the victim was Xiong, not the shooter.


Authorities in northern Wisconsin say an autopsy should identify a person killed in a Monday house fire north of Tomahawk. Oneida County sheriff's lieutenant Dan Hess said the remains of one person were found in the burned-out home. Three others escaped, and two of them were injured -- one seriously enough to be flown to a Madison hospital. The house was engulfed in flames when Cassian town fire-fighters responded. They're investigating the cause of the blaze -- along with the Oneida County sheriff's and medical examiners' offices, and the state Fire Marshal.


A state appeals court judge says a former Milwaukee County Walker aide cannot keep evidence of her crimes secret, while she appeals her conviction. 45-year-old Kelly Rindfleisch pleaded guilty in 2012 to doing campaign work for Republicans on taxpayer time while working for Governor Scott Walker while he was the Milwaukee County executive. She was sentenced to six months in jail, but she's appealing -- and she wanted her e-mails that were dug up during the investigation to be kept under wraps. Appellate Judge Patricia Curley said yesterday that only a limited number of Rindfleisch's personal data can be kept secret -- things like Social Security numbers and medical information. She said other data is routinely released in other people's cases -- and Curley said Rindfleisch had no right to hide evidence just because she doesn't want it to be made public. Rindfleisch was given 30 days to review the documents, and ask that specific personal items be kept secret. Her attorney, Franklyn Gimbel, said it's a heavy burden for his client -- and he's considering an appeal of the order to the State Supreme Court.


A 17-year-old Hartford area boy is under arrest, for allegedly stabbing his 20-year-old brother to death yesterday afternoon. Washington County sheriff's deputies said the two got into an argument -- and the stabbing victim was flown to a hospital in Summit, where he died while undergoing surgery. The teen faces a possible charge of first-degree reckless homicide. Other details were not immediately released.  


A former federal prison employee in Wisconsin is accused of stealing over 87-thousand dollars in false mileage reimbursements. A federal grand jury indicted 43-year-old Christopher Seifer of Westfield yesterday on four counts of mail fraud, and a charge of stealing government property. According to prosecutors, Seifer was an electronics technician at the federal prison in Oxford when he began submitting expense forms for travel to health clubs to rehabilitate a work injury. That was in 2006. Investigators said Seifer turned in almost 14-hundred false mileage claims that were paid by the U-S Labor Department over a period of several years.