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Bill Parks to run for sheriff

Bill Parks says he is a candidate for Pierce County Sheriff in the 2014 fall election. 

The current sheriff is Nancy Hove. She was first elected in 2006 when she defeated incumbent Sheriff Everett Muhlhausen.

Parks, who lives south of Prescott, believes his extensive military experience makes him well qualified to be sheriff.

This experience includes managing both small and large groups of Marines and soldiers, conflict management, and overseeing large and small military budgets.

Asked what his first priority is, Parks said it will be the safety and security of the people of Pierce County. He claims he will protect the rights of people by being a “Constitutional sheriff.”

Parks recently returned from Afghanistan, where he served as the primary cultural adviser for two regional commanders.

Parks has served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a major and logistics officer for 12 years, and was deployed to Saudi Arabia during the Desert Storm war in 1991. His tours of duty in Afghanistan include as both a civilian and as a U.S. Army lieutenant colonel.

Parks has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in diplomacy, with a concentration in conflict management and resolution. He will run for sheriff on the Republican Party ticket.

He and wife JoAnne have nine children and six grandchildren, and are active parishioners of St. Mary’s Big River Catholic Church.

To learn more about Parks, visit his website at He can be reached by e-mail at