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WISCONSIN NEWS ROUNDUP: Woman will not be institutionalized for threatening to kill a federal judge

A Wisconsin Rapids woman will not be institutionalized for threatening to kill a federal administrative law judge. Norma Prince was put on three years' probation yesterday. Federal Judge Lynn Adelman (ay'-dle-man) said the 51-year-old Prince can control her mental health issues with medication and proper supervision. The threat was made in January of last year, during a hearing in Wausau on Prince's Social Security disability benefits. Authorities said Prince got upset and threatened to shoot Judge Thomas Sanzi, who presided over the hearing by telephone. She also threatened to cut off the judge's head before the hearing was abruptly adjourned. Prince's husband told a federal agent that his wife bought a pair of 22-caliber rifles about a month before her hearing.


A state Assembly aide is getting a chance to wipe out a conviction for felony election fraud. Marcie Malszycki entered into a deferred prosecution agreement this week. She pleaded guilty to one election fraud charge in Dane County. A second charge was dropped in a plea deal, and the first one would also be dropped if she meets all the conditions of a program for first-offenders. If she doesn't, she could go to prison. The 33-year-old Malszycki is an aide to Assembly Republican Warren Petryk of Eleva. Prosecutors said she voted at her parents' home town of Onalaska in 2010, instead of at her home community in Madison. An investigation began after Malszycki wrote on Facebook that she voted for a G-O-P slate of candidates, and would soon travel home. Police quoted her as saying she was living with her parents in La Crosse County while doing campaign work, and she thought it was okay to vote there.


Time Warner Cable will pay 130-thousand dollars to settle a discrimination case involving a disabled employee who was fired in the Milwaukee area. The U-S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced the settlement yesterday. Patrick Pulliam injured his right leg, ankle, and foot in 2009 while checking for illegal tap-ins to the Time Warner's cable T-V system. After treatment, his doctor allowed him to return to work as long as he did not do any climbing right away. The lawsuit accused the company of not offering a reasonable accommodation. Pulliam said Time Warner fired him in mid-2010 against the Americans with Disabilities Act. Time Warner said it did nothing wrong because it offered Pulliam other jobs -- but the firm decided to resolve the lawsuit anyway.


A 64-year-old man was hurt after he fell 15-to-20-feet from an indoor roller coaster at a Wisconsin Dells resort. It happened just after 5:30 yesterday afternoon at Mount Olympus. Sauk County authorities said the man was riding with three others in a car on the OPA roller coaster when he fell. The other three were not hurt. The injured rider was first taken to a Baraboo hospital, and was later flown to U-W Hospital in Madison. His condition and the extent of his injuries were not immediately disclosed. Officials said the man was visiting the resort with his family. Investigators from the U-S Occupational Safety and Health Administration are due at the site today. Lake Delton Police said resort workers have been cooperative. 


Milwaukee Police said they nabbed a murder suspect after his vehicle crashed while officers were chasing him. It happened last evening on the city's far northwest side. Police said the suspect's vehicle lost control and hit a median. Officers seized a gun in the car and took the man in the custody. A woman was riding with him at the time. Police said she was taken to a hospital. A police statement did not indicate who the suspect was, or the homicide for which he was wanted.


With all the snow on the ground, you may find it hard to believe that just over a third of Wisconsin is still officially in a drought. The U-S Drought Monitor says 35-percent of the state's land area is abnormally dry or worse. That's only about five-percent less than in early December. Instead of seeping into the ground, mountains of snow are piling up next to roads, parking lots, and driveways. Average snow-depths range from four-inches at Cedarburg to 34-inches at Phelps. Most of the southwest quarter of Wisconsin is abnormally dry, along with a south central region as far east as Ripon. Sizable parts of nine counties are in a moderate drought west of Eau Claire and in the Adams-Friendship area. It will be interesting to see how much snow seeps in when temperatures rise above freezing. Most of Wisconsin is expected to have highs at least in the upper-30s for four of the next five days. The coolest day should be tomorrow. By Monday, the forecast calls for highs in the mid-to-upper-40's statewide.


One of Wisconsin's largest banks offers an apology -- plus a year of fraud protection -- to almost 200 customers who got the wrong mortgage statements in the mail. Anchor Bank of Madison blames a malfunction in its mail-room. Joe Martin of Janesville tells W-I-S-C T-V that he received a Madison couple's mortgage bill for this month. He has no idea where his own statement was mailed, but he fears it's been given to somebody who might want to commit identity theft. Jennifer Ranville of Anchor Bank said the statements included loan information -- but not checking, savings, or Social Security numbers.


A Fond du Lac woman is due in court Tuesday on seven criminal charges connected with the poisonings of two of her family's puppies. Prosecutors said 30-year-old Amanda Farr did not seek help, after learning that her 10-year-old son spilled bleach on the dogs last month. The six-week-old puppies had chemical burns, and a veterinary exam showed that a male pup had permanent lung damage. Prosecutors said the youngster admitted pouring bleach on one of the dogs because he was biting at his feet. Bleach was also splashed on the other dog's face. A third puppy was not hurt. They're all at the Fond du Lac County Humane Society shelter, where officials say the two injured ones are recovering. They've had many requests to adopt the pets. Farr is charged with a felony count of fatal animal mistreatment -- plus six misdemeanors that include poisoning and abandoning an animal.