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CRIME AND COURT ROUNDUP: Woman cited for driving drunk at a charity race that fights alcohol abuse

WEST BEND -- Police said a West Bend woman drove drunk on a state trail at a charity running race for a group that fights alcohol abuse.  No runners were close by at the time, but director Mary Simon of Elevate Incorporated says it's still ironic.  The story was first reported on an athletic blog called "The Active Pursuit."  A West Bend police community service officer was keeping the peace at Sunday's event, when three people on a nearby street were trying to prevent the 33-year-old woman from getting behind the wheel.  Officials said she entered the trail from a dead-end street -- and she apparently didn't know about the race when she drove about 200 feet on the trail, then backed into a sign telling motorists not to drive there.  Officers said the woman was just trying to get home.  She was cited for first-time O-W-I and improper backing.  About 400 people took part in quarter, half, and full marathons.  Simon said most people were done by the time of the incident, but a few late finishers went around police officers who were ticketing the woman.   Elevate was formed when two service groups in Washington County merged. 


U-W Madison Police used a Taser stun gun to arrest a student, after he reportedly caused a disturbance at a campus dormitory.  Officers were called to Sellery Hall around 4:20 yesterday afternoon.  Police said the housing staff asked him several times to leave, but he wouldn't do it.  Officials said the man got combative once officers arrived -- and he got into a struggle with officers before being subdued by the stun gun.  He was taken to a hospital to be checked out.  One officer suffered a minor hand injury, and was given hospital treatment.  Police said they'll ask prosecutors to charge the man with battery to a police officer, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.


A quarter-million dollar bond has been set for a Two Rivers man suspected of killing a son of his wife.  54-year-old Jesse Moreno Junior appeared at a bond hearing yesterday on a T-V hookup from jail.  He's due in Manitowoc County Circuit Court next Monday -- and by then, prosecutors expect to file charges.  Police said 34-year-old Koyoko Perry of Two Rivers was stabbed early Sunday.  He then tried to drive away from the scene, but police said he ended up striking two vehicles in the driveway of a house.  Perry later died from his injuries.  An autopsy was performed yesterday, and the results are expected to be released later today.  Police are not saying more about what happened, but they confirm that Moreno is married to Perry's mother.  A charge of first-degree intentional homicide has been recommended.  If Moreno posts bond, a judge said he cannot see his wife or two witnesses to the stabbing incident.


A missing southern Wisconsin man has been found dead in the Wisconsin River at Wisconsin Dells.  Twenty-one-year-old Mitchel Blanchard of Pardeeville was last seen early Sunday, running away from police officers who were investigating a fight at Captain Brady's Showboat Saloon in the Dells.  Officials said the chase ended when Blanchard ran into a wooded area.  His family called 9-1-1 later on Sunday to report his disappearance.  Officials said his vest was found near the river on Sunday -- and rescuers found his body near a dam on the river about noon yesterday.  An autopsy has been scheduled.  Media reports said Blanchard attended his sister's wedding several hours before the Wisconsin Dells bar fight. 


A jury in Stevens Point will decide whether a man found insane when killing his grandfather a quarter century ago should be released from a mental institution.  Online court records show that Steven Feck's case will be considered by a six-person jury on Thursday.  The 50-year-old Feck was found innocent by insanity, after he stabbed his 76-year-old grandfather Elton Favell to death with a pair of scissors at the victim's mobile home in Stevens Point in 1989.  Feck is seeking a release from the Winnebago Mental Health Institute under a law that was in effect at the time.  It allowed juries to decide whether committed suspects can get community treatment instead of being institutionalized.  Under the current law, judges now make those decisions.  Prosecutors say Feck is still likely to re-offend.  They say the risk is too high to grant his release.


A stolen dog that was burned and left in the cold in Milwaukee has received a type of surgery that's normally performed only on people.  Beatrice, a five-year-old black Chihuahua mix, was stolen from the backyard of Karen Burns' house on March 13th.  Eleven days later, the pet was found with singed eyebrows and whiskers, and burns over 90-percent of her body.  Yesterday, an hour-long operation installed pigskin over the dog's burns.  Once they heal, the pigskin will come off.  A surgeon and a veterinarian donated their time.  The foot-long piece of pigskin was also a gift.  The veterinarian, Marla Lichtenberger, said people wanted to help because they were moved when hearing what happened.  Without the donations, she said it would have cost almost ten-thousand dollars for the services and vet bills.  Police said they believe a 21-year-old man burned the dog.  He's being held on unrelated charges while prosecutors review the matter.


Authorities in west central Wisconsin continue to investigate a two-vehicle crash that killed one of the drivers.  Jackson County sheriff's deputies said a car apparently failed to stop at a stop-sign, and was hit by a semi-truck driving on Highway 54 near City Point.  It happened close to 10:40 yesterday morning, about 25 miles east of Black River Falls.  The car driver died at the scene.  The trucker was not hurt.  The victim's name was not immediately released.