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CRIME AND COURT ROUNDUP: Kenosha County Judge throws out restraining order against five-year-old boy

KENOSHA -- A judge in Kenosha County has thrown out a mother's request that a five-year-old bully be kept away from her six-year-old daughter.  Media reports said the judge dropped the restraining order, after the mother failed to show up in court yesterday.  The girl's father later told reporters that the five-year-old boy was removed from the same kindergarten class as his daughter.  Both attend Prairie Lane Elementary School in Pleasant Prairie, part of the Kenosha school district.  Police said the girl was kicked in the face, and had rocks and sand tossed at her.  Her father had told Milwaukee T-V stations that the boy told the girl he wanted to slit her throat and watch it bleed.


Twenty-two convicted felons in Wisconsin still face possible criminal charges, for allegedly voting illegally in the 2012 presidential race.  The state Government Accountability Board initially found 89 cases in which a voter's name and birth date matched the list of felons who were on probation or parole.  Most of those cases were dropped due to mistaken identities -- or it was discovered that the felons had actually served all of their sentences, and were allowed to vote again.  In a few cases, local clerks had referred apparent violations to prosecutors.  The state referred 28 cases to local D-A's for possible charges.  Of those, a board spokesman said six cases have been closed either because charges were filed -- or prosecutors decided that charges were not warranted.  Milwaukee County had 18 cases of suspected felons voting illegally.  The state's 28 referrals represent about nine-thousandths-of-one percent of the more than three-million Wisconsinites who voted in the 2012 White House contest.


We're learning more about what appears to be the first felony charges against a D-N-R warden in the 135-year history of the state's conservation enforcement.  Ex-warden David Horzewski of Reedsburg was charged Monday in Sauk County with eight felony counts -- six of theft, and two of misconduct in public office.  In a newly-released criminal complaint, a special prosecutor said the 45-year-old Horzewski confronted hunters about game-law violations, seized their weapons, and never returned them or gave them to his bosses for evidence.  The complaint said Horzewski kept guns in his basement, where his children could grab them. Although he was only charged with six thefts, special prosecutor said there were numerous other instances in which the ex-warden kept items that included guns, a bow, and antlers from a nine-point-buck.  In some cases, officials said the statue-of-limitations had expired -- and one victim has since died.  The alleged thefts date back to 2003.  Horzewski and his attorney have not commented.  The defendant is scheduled to make his first court appearance June 11th.  The D-N-R said he was fired last July after 19 years as a warden in Sauk County.  The agency says he's challenging his dismissal.


An autopsy is scheduled today for a 33-year-old West Milwaukee man who was missing since May second.  Relatives confirmed that John Moebs was found dead yesterday.  A person who was out for a walk spotted the body floating on Lake Michigan, near the shore at Milwaukee's downtown McKinley Park.  A Facebook post indicated that police have confirmed Moebs' identity -- although they did not make it official as of yesterday afternoon.  Relatives told W-T-M-J T-V they're curious about how he died.  Rebecca Moebs said he was found fully-clothed, and he was still carrying his wallet.  She said the family remains in "shock and disbelief."  John Moebs was last seen drinking at a bar on Milwaukee's downtown Water Street.


Madison Police said a 68-year-old man was apparently drinking just before he left a transit bus, and died after being run over.  It happened Monday night.  Police said rescuers could not revive the man, and he died at a hospital.  Spokesman Joel DeSpain said a security camera showed that the rider appeared to be drinking alcohol.  When he left the bus, he stumbled backward toward the vehicle and was run over by its rear wheels.  The bus driver is on paid leave while the incident is being investigated.  The victim's name was not immediately released.


Wisconsin is among the places where 16 arrests were made, for allegedly using stolen data to get money and merchandise that were shipped to Nigeria and South Africa.  Charges were unsealed yesterday in federal court in Gulfport Mississippi.  Neither the local U-S attorney's office nor southern Mississippi online media identified the Wisconsin person or persons arrested.  According to the charges, a New York defendant and 17 others were part of the Yahoo Boys gang from West Africa.  They allegedly bought people's bank account information from computer hackers -- and then stole money and sent cash and goods to Africa.  Additional charges were filed in Atlanta and Charleston South Carolina.  Besides Wisconsin and New York, the arrests were made in Indiana, California, Canada, and South Africa.  Media reports said the U-S Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency was investigating the schemes since the fall of 2011 after an identity theft victim in Mississippi called to complain.


The mayor of Wisconsin Rapids will not be charged, after he posted his spring re-election primary ballot on Facebook.  Zach Vruwink said earlier that he took a picture of his February ballot, and put it on his Facebook page -- but he immediately removed it after learning it was a felony.  The district attorney in neighboring Clark County investigated the matter.  Showing a marked ballot to somebody else calls for an 18-month prison sentence and a ten-thousand-dollar fine.  The topic was publicized in the 2012 recall elections, when State Democratic Party chairman Mike Tate posted a picture of his ballot online.  


A 20-year-old Osseo man is due back in court Friday for allegedly slamming into a sheriff's vehicle with a stolen car during a high-speed chase -- and dealing meth-amphetamines.  Jeremy Mayo is charged in Saint Croix County with five felonies and two misdemeanors.  His passenger at the time, 19-year-old Kali Rinde of Maplewood Minnesota, is also charged with felony meth possession plus three assorted misdemeanors.  Authorities said the vehicle was stolen in Eau Claire, and officers found that its driver failed to pay for gas last Wednesday at a station in Woodville.  A nearly 30-mile chase ensued at speeds up to 120-miles-an-hour before the vehicle lost control and hit the sheriff's car.  Mayo was not hurt.  Rinde had minor injuries.  Officials said a package of what was called "fake" meth was thrown out during the chase -- and Rinde reportedly told officers the two were planning to sell it.  She's scheduled to enter pleas July seventh after her preliminary hearing yesterday.