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Homeless man said to be on drugs busted after squatting in a storage-unit

A 34-year-old man was jailed for methamphetamine possession Monday, July 7, at 590 S. Wasson Lane.

The man had leased storage space there from Moody’s Mini-Storage. He was behind in the rent and being evicted.

River Falls officers, assisted by a Pierce County deputy and dog, went there to investigate.

The door of one of the storage units was found partly open. Music was playing. Inside, the man was found lying under blankets. He was finally coaxed into giving himself up and coming outside .

An initial search allegedly turned up a meth pipe wrapped in a hanky.

The man wouldn’t allow his storage unit to be searched. Police later got a court-ordered search warrant.

After carrying out the search warrant, they allegedly found a canister and a pouch with meth, a baggy of marijuana, some pot pipes, and prescription pills used to treat panic and anxiety disorders.

The man was taken to county jail in Ellsworth. The case goes to the district attorney.

For much more, please see Police Beat in the July 17 print edition of the River Falls Journal.