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CRIME AND COURT ROUNDUP: Milwaukee man free on signature bond after being charged with 13 counts of illegal voting

A suburban Milwaukee man is free on a signature bond, after being charged with 13 counts of illegal voting.  Fifty-year-old Robert Monroe of Shorewood is accused of voting five times in the Walker recall election in 2012 -- twice in the last presidential election -- twice in Senator Alberta Darling's recall contest -- twice in the 2011 State Supreme Court election -- and once illegally in an August primary in 2012.  He's also charged with registering to vote in more than one place, and giving false information to election officials.  Monroe is due back in court July 31st for a preliminary hearing.  Court records showed that Monroe's son was the initial target of a year-long investigation.  The son's father was implicated after he told prosecutors he might have submitted a ballot on his dad's behalf in a recall vote.  Monroe reportedly told an investigator that all of 2012 was "very blurry" to him.


A plea deal has been worked out in which a La Crosse area police chief can have an eventual conviction dropped for a flap with tea party conservatives.  Town of Campbell Chief Tim Kelemen was charged yesterday with unlawful use of a computer.  The plea bargain allows Kelemen to plead no contest, and avoid a conviction if gets counseling and performs 40 hours of community service.  Kelemen is accused of registering tea party leader Greg Luce for online gay dating and porno sites, after Luce reportedly told tea party supporters to harass Campbell's officers.  That was after the group was told to pull an anti-Obama sign from a freeway overpass last year -- and Kelemen later convinced the town board to ban such signs to improve highway safety.   Both sides were hoping to resolve the case yesterday, but La Crosse County Circuit Judge Dale Pasell withdrew because he worked with Kelemen in the past.  The chief's attorney, Jim Birnbaum, says they'll try to find another judge from outside La Crosse County.  Birnbaum says the charge was not fair, considering the responses from the tea party supporters.  Chief Kelemen is on paid leave, and is free on a signature bond.


A lawyer for a 12-year-old girl charged in the Waukesha Slender Man stabbings wants to see the mental health records of the other defendant.  In a motion filed this week, attorney Joseph Smith Junior said the competency test documents for 12-year-old Morgan Geyser are relevant and necessary for Anissa Weyer's defense.  Geyser has had two mental exams -- one from the state and one from the defense.  Both found that Geyser was not competent to stand trial for stabbing a friend 19 times in late May, in apparent allegiance to the fictional horror character Slender Man.  Prosecutors want another exam.  That request was initially approved, but was pulled back pending an August first hearing.  Geyser and Weyer are both charged as adults with attempted homicide.  The 12-year-old victim continues to recover at home. 


Five media groups are appealing a federal judge's refusal to release all documents related to the John Doe probe into the state's recall elections.  Milwaukee District Judge Rudolph Randa rejected a complete unsealing of the records last month.  He said it would subject those involved to "unwanted public scrutiny" -- and he ordered all parties to identify specific documents that should be made public.  They're reviewing thousands of records, and Randa has extended their deadline twice to get the job done.  They now have until August seventh to finalize their list.  Randa halted the John Doe probe in May, saying the probe's secrecy order violates the free-speech rights of the conservative Wisconsin Club for Growth.  The probe was looking into allegations that Governor Scott Walker and other Republicans were illegally coordinating G-O-P recall campaigns with various outside conservative groups.  Walker denies wrongdoing.


A Wisconsin man has pleaded innocent to federal charges that he took young women to North Dakota's oil fields and forced them to be prostitutes.  A trial date of September 16th was set for 31-year-old Levell Durr, who's charged in Bismarck North Dakota with coercion and enticement.  Sheboygan Police were told that Durr took three women away against their will, and that he used drugs and physical violence to keep them in line.  Prosecutors said one woman was kept in a dog kennel for a number of days for breaking one of Durr's rules.  The F-B-I also said Durr maintained pit bulls in the Milwaukee area, as part of a dog-fighting ring.  He was arrested in late June.