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CRIME AND COURT ROUNDUP: Milwaukee police arrests man who got into a gunfight while driving a van with seven children

Milwaukee Police have arrested a 39-year-old man who got into a gunfight while driving a van carrying seven children and their mother.  Two of the youngsters were hit by the bullets on Wednesday night, and they remained hospitalized yesterday with non-life-threatening injuries.  Those victims were a ten-year-old boy and an eleven-year-old girl.  The seven kids in the van ranged from two-years-old to eleven.  Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said the van driver is being held for violating a previous probation.  He was suspected of trying to settle a score with somebody after he had just been freed from prison.  Mayor Tom Barrett said anyone who gets into a gun battle while in a vehicle with seven children is a "coward," because he's putting the kids' lives in danger.  While patrolling the area last night, police also arrested as 23-year-old man wanted for another previous homicide.  He was caught with a loaded gun in his vehicle while two children were on board.


A federal appeals court has ruled against Wisconsin's governor and Legislature, by letting a Milwaukee teen sue up to six paint-makers after he got sick eating lead-based paint chips.  The family of Ernest Gibson, who's now 17, did not know which company made the paint that sickened the teen.  The State Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that victims could sue all companies that made lead-based paint before it was banned in the 1970's.  Conservatives called the ruling a slap to Wisconsin's efforts to attract business -- and in 2011, majority Republicans required paint victims to identify the companies which made the product which got them sick.  Two years later, the G-O-P imposed the same requirement on 170 other lead poisoning victims who filed suit before the burden-of-proof was raised.  Gibson was one of those people.  Yesterday, the Seventh Circuit Appellate court in Chicago found that he had a "vested right" to pursue his negligence claims.  This case also had a profound impact on former State Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler, who wrote the 2005 decision.  Butler later lost an election bid, as opponents kept harping on his lead-based paint ruling.  Later, Republicans in Congress struck down four attempts by President Obama to name Butler to a lifetime federal judgeship.
 ___________________ A woman was killed and at least 13 others were injured when two cars collided in far northern Wisconsin -- and a tour bus then hit one of the autos.  It happened late yesterday morning on Highway 51 near Arbor Vitae.  State Patrol Sergeant Travis Wanless said one northbound car rear-ended another -- and one of the cars veered into the southbound lane, where the oncoming bus struck that vehicle.  The driver of that car, a 64-year-old Minocqua woman, was killed.  The other car was driven by a 47-year-old Woodruff woman.  The tour bus was carrying a group from Beloit, ages 40-to-85.  All were taken to a Woodruff hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.  The bus driver declined a hospital transport.  No names were immediately released.  The crash remains under investigation.


Authorities in northeast Wisconsin said a Green Bay man apparently killed himself, after shooting at a couple's S-U-V and a sheriff's car.  Marinette County officials said the incident began on Highway 141 near Wausaukee yesterday afternoon, and ended near Goodman about 35 miles away.  Sheriff Jerry Sauve tells W-L-U-K T-V of Green Bay that the 35-year-old man shot twice at an S-U-V carrying a vacationing couple -- and it was done for no apparent reason.  The couple was not injured.  Deputies later found the shooter's vehicle near Pembine and chased him down Highway Eight.  Sauve said the man fired shots at the officers before they lost sight of the suspect.  He then turned down a dirt road.  Deputies searched the area before finding the man face down next to his car.  The sheriff said he had an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.  Investigators are trying to figure out what led to the incident.


A Milwaukee man will spend three-and-a-half years in a state prison for helping rob a musician of a 300-year-old Stradivarius violin.  Thirty-seven year old Universal Allah must also spend three-and-a-half years under extended supervision once he's no longer behind bars.  Allah provided the stun gun allegedly used by 42-year-old Salah Salahaydn, when they confronted concert-master Frank Almond and stole the five-million dollar violin after he performed with it at Wisconsin Lutheran College in January.  Salahaydn was expected to have a plea deal approved yesterday -- but the proceeding was delayed after his public defender asked to withdraw from the case.  Almond told Circuit Judge Dennis Moroney a severe penalty for Allah was "critical," and he was shocked to learn how the closely the defendants stalked him and his family for years.  He said they knew where he lived, and many details of his day-to-day life.  The judge told Allah to pay 35-hundred-dollars to Almond for lost wages from the incident -- along with 400-dollars in repairs to the violin.


A former Minnesota attorney who now lives in Wisconsin has been disbarred by the Supreme Court of the Gopher State.  Sixty-two year old Linda Brost, who now lives in Spooner, pleaded guilty last year to charges that she stole 43-thousand dollars from the estate of a client who was deceased.  She was convicted of identity theft, and theft-by-swindle.  Officials said Brost also failed to cooperate in an investigation by the Minnesota agency which handles lawyer discipline.  That office filed a petition against her last December, after she was suspended from practicing law in 2009.


One person died and at least two others were hurt when six vehicles collided at an Interstate construction zone just north of La Crosse.  It happened yesterday morning on I-90, east of the Wisconsin-Minnesota border near French Island.  According to the State Patrol's preliminary investigation, traffic was merging into the construction zone when a dump truck could not slow down in time, and it rear-ended another vehicle.  A van and four cars also got snarled up in the crash.  T-V reports said the dump truck landed on top of one of the cars, and both rolled into a median where they started on fire.  The drivers' names were not immediately released.  An investigation continues.