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CRIME AND COURT ROUNDUP: Fifteen-year-old Racine boy arrested for killing a man while trying to rob him

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested in Racine for killing a man while trying to rob him.  Police said the teen faces adult criminal charges in last week's shooting death of 19-year-old Semar McClain.  The victim was shot in an alley behind a group of homes in a Racine neighborhood last Tuesday evening.


A second person has died from a lightning strike in northeast Wisconsin.  Oconto County authorities said yesterday that 31-year-old Christopher Wold of Morgan died from his injuries.  That was after 27-year-old Brad Cox of Abrams was found electrocuted at the scene.  Authorities said the two were building a tree-house for a youngster when heavy thunderstorms rolled through last Sunday night.  Cox was found in the tree house, and Wold fell to the ground.


Attorneys are expected to make their closing arguments today in the trial of three Milwaukee police officers accused of violating a suspect's civil rights by strip-searching him.  Michael Gasser, Michael Valuch Junior, and Keith Garland Junior testified yesterday that their actions were appropriate.  They said they patted down 40-year-old Leo Hardy to look for weapons and illegal drugs -- but the officers denied allegations that they pulled down his pants and grabbed his private area.  Garland admitted running what he called a "bladed hand" between Hardy's buttocks, but he said it was over the man's clothing.  Hardy was stopped because officers were looking for a person who was often seen with him.  He's among 60 people who claim they were subject to improper strip searches in Milwaukee from 2008-through-2012.  Four former officers have been convicted in those cases.  The police chief or a supervisor must consent to the searches unless a weapon is suspected of being hidden.  Cavity searches can only be done by medical personnel. 


No charges will be considered in a domestic incident in Janesville, in which a woman wounded her husband and later killed herself.  Off-duty state trooper Carl Rowan is not considered a suspect in the shooting death of his 31-year-old wife Hollie.  Janesville Police Chief Dave Moore said the couple was arguing about a matter involving one of their two children when she stabbed her 32-year-old husband in the hand, and stabbed herself in the arm.  That prompted the trooper to call 9-1-1 around three yesterday morning.  A dispatcher heard Hollie arguing in the background.  Carl Rowan left the house and told officers that his wife might have a gun.  She was found dead of a gunshot wound in her bedroom.  The trooper's injury needed eight stitches to fix.


A Waukesha man has pleaded guilty to threatening a judge and 27 other officials in New Jersey.  Twenty-nine year old Michael Rinderele struck a plea deal yesterday, which could net him up to five years in prison and 600-dollars in fines when he's sentenced in October.  Rinderele is part of the Sovereign Citizen movement, which claims its members are under no authority to follow federal, state, and local laws.  Rinderele admitted filing false liens against 28 officials in Voorhees and Winslow New Jersey, to retaliate against his common-law wife after she was cited for illegal parking.


A judge in Wausau has ordered a pit bull to be euthanized after it ran out of a house in June, attacked a pedestrian, and killed her Chihuahua.  The judge ruled that the dog was vicious, and owner must pay the cost of putting it down.  The dog's owner was also cited for not having a dog license, vaccinations, or a leash for the pit bull.  Fifty-six year old Cindy Ryder was walking her Chihuahua in downtown Wausau on June 19th when the attack occurred.  Ryder had several bite wounds, cuts, and punctures.  Police at the time told the pit bull's owner to euthanize it, or move it out of Wausau.


Two men will spend time in a federal prison for moving heroin from Chicago to far northeast Wisconsin.  Fifty-five year old Brian King of Chicago has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years behind bars, after he pleaded guilty to distributing heroin.  Forty-one Donald Myers of Menominee Michigan was sentenced to 21 months for making phone calls about the intent to distribute heroin.  Both men had their cases settled with plea agreements.  They were among nine defendants charged with transporting heroin that King provided from Chicago to the Marinette-Menominee area.