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Inmate escapes from Dunn County Jail

The Dunn County Sheriff's Office reported Monday afternoon Nhia Hang, 27, Menomonie, fled from the Dunn County Jail Friday and his whereabouts are unknown.

In a news release, Chief Deputy Paul Gunness said Hang was booked into the Jail on July 31 on a probation hold. On Thursday, he was given 120 days jail as a condition of probation for violating a probation rule of "No Contact" with his wife/victim. He was allowed huber on his jail time. The next day, he was allowed out on huber and failed to report back to the Dunn County Jail as ordered.

Hang still has 119 days to serve in jail as charges for felony Failure to Report to Jail and Escape will be filed.

The Sheriff's Office states if anyone knows the whereabouts of Hang, to please call them at (715) 232-1348.