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CRIME AND COURT ROUNDUP: Medford police asking for charges against a man who fired shots near a high school football game

Medford Police are asking prosecutors to charge a 19-year-old man who allegedly fired shots near a high school football game that was stopped as a precaution.  Officers were called last Saturday afternoon to a report of shots fired near Medford High School and Holy Rosary Catholic School.  The nearby football game went under a lockdown, and was resumed later with Medford losing to Chippewa Falls 22-14.  Nobody was in either of the school buildings, but officials said people were in the Holy Rosary church preparing for a Saturday service.  Harrison Davis of Medford was arrested Saturday evening in neighboring Chippewa County.  Online court records show that Davis was under a deferred prosecution agreement, in which a disorderly conduct charge from April would have been dropped if the defendant was to stay clean.  A court hearing is set for September 23rd to review the agreement in light of the new arrest.  


Two men who allegedly delivered wholesale marijuana to Wisconsin were arrested on their way home to Oregon.  Sheriff's officers said they stopped a car for a traffic violation last Saturday on Interstate-80 near Lincoln Nebraska -- and they found 48-thousand dollars and 20 grams of pot.  A deputy reported smelling marijuana in the vehicle, and one of the suspects admitted delivering the Wisconsin drug sales revenues back to Oregon.  The Lincoln Journal-Star said the two men, ages 25 and 20, were taken to jail for possessing drug money.  There was no immediate word on whether they've been charged.


A central Wisconsin police officer is one of 25 finalists as "America's Hottest Husband."  Jeff Thomas of Stevens Point said he didn't know he was nominated by his wife Brenda for the annual contest from Redbook Magazine. Readers can start voting today at RedbookMag-Dot-Com, where they'll find profiles and photos of all 25 finalists.  Thomas was chosen from about 700 entries -- less than half the number who entered a year ago.  Thomas is a patrol officer in Plover.  In his Redbook profile, his wife wrote that they're high school sweethearts who've been married 23 years.  She said she can always lean on Jeff's strength and humor to brighten up her worst days -- and he never wavered from her decades of struggles with depression, multiple surgeries, and their son's suicide attempts and diagnosis of schizo-phrenia.  Brenda Thomas called her husband "the best teacher this world could have for how to be a man, friend, husband, and dad," and he still finds time to volunteer in church events.


A Plover police officer struggled with a man who approached him with a knife, just before the officer shot-and-wounded him during a traffic stop.  That's what prosecutors said in an attempted homicide complaint against the shooting victim, 33-year-old Brett Lieberman of Manawa.  He made an initial court appearance by video yesterday in Portage County.  He's due back in court October sixth, when a judge will decide if there's enough evidence to order a trial.  Plover officer Andy Hopfensperger stopped Lieberman on August 8th for driving erratically.  Officials said Lieberman jumped out of his pick-up truck, ran at the officer with clenched fists, and pulled a knife as he got closer.  Prosecutors said Lieberman grabbed the officer and stabbed downward -- and Hopfensperger blocked each stabbing attempt.  The officer yelled at the suspect several times to get him to stop.  Eventually, officials said Hopfensperger pushed the man away, drew his handgun, and shot several times while believing that Lieberman was intending to kill him.


Milwaukee Police have arrested five teens who were apparently in a group that committed dozens of robberies over the holiday weekend -- including one in which a robber was killed.  Police said a 15-year-old Milwaukee boy was one of four people who tried robbing a group early Monday just south of the city's downtown.  One of the intended victims, a 30-year-old West Allis man, shot the 15-year-old to death.  The shooter was released from custody yesterday, and was ordered to meet with the district attorney's staff later on possible charges.  Police have not said who was killed.  They did say he had previous arrests for armed robbery, auto theft, and fleeing from officers.  He was also wounded in another Milwaukee shooting incident on August first.


For the 19th year, Wisconsin school classes are being invited to watch the State Supreme Court in action.  The "Court with Class" program has been run by the state's highest court and the State Bar Association since 1996.  Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson says the goal is to give students more insight on how the Wisconsin justice system works.  She says a lot of emphasis is put on the U-S Supreme Court, but most of the judicial work is done in the state courts and not the federal ones.  Abrahamson says students get to see important cases that have statewide legal significance, as well as importance for the litigants themselves.  Students get an overview of the case in plain English -- plus a chance to ask questions of one of the justices.  Thousands of youngsters have gone through the program.  Abrahamson says youngsters get a vital exposure of how the law works.  It runs through the court's entire session through June.  More information is online at WiCourts-Dot-Gov.


A car passenger was killed and 14 others were injured last night, when the auto collided with a school bus with volleyball players from Pulaski High School.  It happened around nine p-m on the Highway 29 expressway at Highway 156 near Pulaski.  Shawano County sheriff's deputies said the bus was going north on 156 when the westbound car on 29 struck the rear corner of the bus.  The bus then veered into a ditch.  A 24-year-old woman from Athens in central Wisconsin was killed.  She was in a car driven by a 27-year-old man from Marathon City.  He was hospitalized in critical condition at last word.  Thirteen Pulaski students were injured on the bus, and at least eight were taken to hospitals by ambulances.  Their conditions were not immediately disclosed.  The students were returning from a volleyball match at Seymour High School, in which the varsity and J-V teams played.  Pulaski school officials say counselors will be available today for students needing help in coping with the mishap.  An investigation continues.


Walworth County authorities have confirmed that a body found August 17th was that of a missing Elkhorn man.  Russ Delorme was reported missing on August first.  His vehicle was found a week later in a parking lot.  Sheriff's deputies conducted several searches before a hiker found Delorme's body in a wooded area of the Kettle Moraine State Forest.  Officials believe the death was self-inflicted.