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CRIME AND COURT ROUNDUP: Man gets 225 years prison for multiple sexual assault charges

A 45-year-old man has been sentenced to 225 years in prison for creating a Facebook club for teenage girls, and sexually exploiting two of them.  Robert Huber had just left prison, and was living in a halfway house when he created the Kittens Incorporated club on Facebook last year.  Authorities said he later used it to lure teen girls as "members," and he had bondage sex with two victims.  Officials said he threatened the girls and their families if they told their parents.  A West Allis high school student left her Facebook page on a computer screen where somebody else saw it and called authorities.  Huber was then arrested last Halloween.  A Milwaukee County jury convicted him on 25 felony charges of sexual assault, child enticement, exposure, strangulation-and-suffocation, child abuse, and using a computer for sex crimes.  Huber testified at his trial that unknown people coerced him into making lurid videos, or his mother would be hurt.  He continued to proclaim his innocence during his sentencing.


A judge in Madison will decide this morning if there's enough evidence to put a former sheriff's deputy on trial for the killings of his wife and her sister. Andrew Steele has a preliminary hearing scheduled for 10 a-m on two charges of first-degree intentional homicide.  The 39-year-old Steele is accused of killing his wife Ashlee and her sister Kacee Tollefsbol.  Both were found shot to death August 22nd at the Steeles' home in Fitchburg.  They were both originally from Stillwater Minnesota.  Andrew Steele was diagnosed with A-L-S, and he retired in June after 14 years as a Dane County sheriff's deputy.  He took the Ice Bucket Challenge on T-V and raised awareness of his disease, while his wife raised 75-thousand dollars to help care for him. 


A 15-year-old boy who was shot-and-killed by a man he was trying to rob in Milwaukee has been identified as Camron Powell.  Police now say that Powell was part of a group that committed 35 hold-ups in the Milwaukee area in recent days.  Powell was killed early Monday in a parking lot just south of the city's downtown.  Officials said he was part of a group that was robbing another group when a 30-year-old West Allis man pulled a gun and shot Powell.  The alleged shooter was briefly in custody before being released.  He must still meet with prosecutors about possible charges.  A vehicle was found near the shooting scene that was stolen in a car-jacking, and police said it had a glove similar to one found next to Powell after he was shot.  Five teens in the alleged robbery ring have been arrested.  An 18-year-old man, three boys, and a girl have been referred to the D-A's office for possible charges. 


A Madison man who's charged in the murder of a 25-year-old has been arrested in Colorado.  An arrest warrant was issued yesterday for 27-year-old Tyrone Isaac Junior.  He surrendered to police in suburban Denver, where he's awaiting extradition to Dane County on a charge of first-degree intentional homicide.  Isaac is accused of shooting Darren Goodwan to death last Saturday.  The victim's body was found along a street on Madison's west side.  Officials said Isaac went to a hospital in Dubuque Iowa after the shooting and said he was shot in a knee during a robbery.  Police said one of Goodwan's friends shot back at Isaac right after Goodwan was hit.  After being treated, Isaac reportedly rode a cab to Cedar Rapids Iowa, where he boarded a bus to Denver.


Packer fans normally show up in force at road games -- and tonight, Seattle Police will have an undercover operation aimed at keeping the visiting fans safe.  A number of police officers will wear Packers' jerseys to catch unruly Seahawks' fans who go too far in harassing the Cheeseheads at the game. The Packers open the N-F-L's regular season at 7:30 this evening against the Seahawks.  Police say fans who cross the line will be ejected -- and the season-ticket holders who have the ejected fans' seats could get them revoked.  The league has a code-of-conduct for which teams can punish violators.