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EHS music students head for state fest

On March 28, Ellsworth High School music students participated in the District Solo and Ensemble Festival at Prescott High School.

Students performed vocal and instrumental solos and ensembles for adjudicators. Vocalists Bre Hanson and Gabrielle McAnulty received a good rating on their vocal duet.

The following vocal students received an excellent rating: Kelsi Britton and Ashley Christiansen, duet; Sarah Claesson, soprano solo; Tyler Kinneman, bass solo; Jeffrey Stress, tenor solo; Ashley Christiansen, alto solo; Shaunie Place, alto solo; Sarah Fischer, soprano solo, Sarah Fischer, Broadway solo.

The following vocal students received a superior rating: Jose Zepeda and Jacqi Kopp, duet; Jacqi Kopp, alto solo; Philipp Holmer, bass solo; Parker Johnson, bass solo; Courtney Stoesz, soprano solo; Jessica Benck and Melissa DuRen, duet; Jose Zepeda, Broadway solo; Kirstin Kopp, alto solo; and Courtney Stoesz, Kirstin Kopp, Shaunie Place, Sarah Claesson - treble barbershop quartet.

The following vocal students received a superior rating and advance to the State Solo and Ensemble Festival on May 2: Jacqi Kopp, Broadway solo; Alex Andrews, tenor solo; Josh Fuchs, bass solo; Jordan Bloomstrand, tenor solo; Bob Menge, bass solo; Jose Zepeda, tenor solo; Justin Lewis, bass solo; Marisa Nelson, soprano solo; Andrew Schneider-Adams, bass solo; and Alex Andrews, Jeffrey Stress, Bob Menge, Andrew Schneider-Adams - barbershop quartet.

There were 21 instrumental events. Six of those performed in class B, with two of them earning a rating of II: Gabrielle McAnulty, flute solo; and Derek Donelly, trombone solo.

Students earning a rating of I in class B were: Amy Rinke and Alea Wilbur, trombone duet; Alea Wilbur, trombone solo; Sarah Fischer, alto sax solo; and Ashley Holm, trumpet solo.

Fifteen events performed in class A, with Jilliane Paquet earning of rating of II for her baritone sax solo. Earning a rating of I were: Sarah Claesson, flute solo; Ashley Lind, flute solo; Christe Evans, bass clarinet solo; Jasmine Smythurst, flute solo; and Kirstin Kopp, oboe solo.

These instrumental events in class A earned a rating of I* and will advance to the state solo and ensemble festival at UW-Eau Claire on May 2. They are: Alyce Hines, Ashley Lind and Macy Olson, flute trio; Riley Johnson, alto sax solo; Jessica Benck, flute solo; Coral Borner, trumpet solo; Andrew Schneider-Adams, tuba solo; Irene Ford, alto sax solo; Caleb Cobian, alto sax solo; Jose Zepeda, alto sax solo; and the EHS Jazz Ensemble.