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Board honors top science, math students

For the past two years, Curt Dumermuth of the math and science department at Ellsworth High School has been adding names and photos of outstanding math and science students to an honors board on the second floor math and science wing of the high school.

The project began when the department received the Kohl Fellowship grant several years ago.

Dumermuth, who was a past recipient of the Teacher of the Year award from the Ellsworth Community School District Foundation, combined this grant with matching funds to the high school and other funds donated by the foundation to build a glass and wood honors board for math and science achievement.

The display starts with names and photos of students who excelled in math and science from 1987 until the current year. Each year, more names will be added, along with photos.

It is a labor of love for Dumermuth, who has a passion for education.