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Young Ellsworth letter writer hears from President

Young letter writer hears from President

By Bill Kirk

National issues and their impact on his mother caused an Ellsworth nine-year-old to write to President Barack Obama.

And his mom's plight prompted President Obama to write back.

Kyle Buckner sent his letter to the President in mid-September, he said Wednesday. Among the issues he discussed in it are the economy and health insurance.

"My mom didn't have a job," he said, adding, "and her health insurance didn't cover her kidney disease."

The Hillcrest Elementary School student's mother, Jamie Schmidt, said she read her son's letter before it was mailed, mainly to check for errors, though she indicated he's a "good speller." She described the writing as "very good," comparing it to a private journal entry.

At the end, he jokingly wrote, "I'm Kyle Buckner and I approved this message," a reference to a statement he's heard from candidates on TV commercials for their election campaigns, he said.

Read more in the print version of the Herald Jan. 6.