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UWRF grads surveyed said they're satisfied with their education

RIVER FALLS - Recently released results from a study of 400 alumni of UW-River Falls show a high degree of satisfaction and a positive outlook by the university's graduates.

The survey, created by the American Council on Education and conducted by research firm The Winston Group, polled 2.4 million college and university alumni nationwide.

"The high level of satisfaction expressed by UW-River Falls alumni is a wonderful vote of confidence in our university, and a tribute to our faculty and staff who have taught, mentored and supported students over the years," said Chancellor Dean Van Galen.

When asked, "Do you believe that America's colleges and universities are prepared to meet the challenges of the future?" 73% of UW-RF alumni responded positively, compared with 61% nationally.

The survey also asked if alumni would choose again to attend the same school. Some 85% of UW-RF alumni said they would, higher than the 79% of alumni nationwide who answered yes.

Alumni were also asked if they felt their university charged a fair price for their education, and 96% of UWRF's alumni responded with "yes." Only 76% of alumni on a national scale responded affirmatively.

The study noted that while 89% of college and university alumni in the United States believed their college education was worth it, 96% of UW-RF alumni believed theirs was.

"I am not surprised whatsoever from the results that I have seen on this study," said Dan McGinty, executive director of University Advancement and president of the UW-River Falls Foundation. "Our alumni are extremely satisfied with their education from UW-River Falls. We have faculty and staff who are committed to teaching excellence, faculty and staff do a great job of enhancing the classroom learning experience and really care about the well-being of our students, and we offer an affordable and quality education."