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Hudson High School intervenes after learning of rumored suicide pact

Two days after a Hudson High School student took his own life, school officials learned of a rumored suicide pact involving three female students.

Principal Laura Love sent an e-mail to parents Thursday afternoon, April 28, informing them of the situation.

Love's primary concern was to dispel a rumor that three girls were planning to come to school the next day and shoot others and then themselves.

"It is quite unusual for us to be sending another message out to you today, after yesterday's terrible news, but we have received enough questions from parents, staff and students about a rumor that's been spreading about Friday, April 29th," Love began the message.

She said school counselors and administrators, and police-school liaison officer Pete Schultz, had investigated the rumor and determined that there was no threat against other students or high school staff members.

"It was more of a suicide pact...," Love wrote. She said the girls' parents were contacted and were helping them "work through their struggles."

Sixteen-year-old Bryan Aumann, a sophomore at Hudson High School, shot himself to death in Somerset on the evening of April 26, according to the Somerset Police Department.

Aumann reportedly had been struggling with leukemia for two and a half years.

In Thursday's letter to parents, Love said there would be additional police officers at the high school on Friday to increase "the feelings of safety and security."

"What we really appreciate is that students feel comfortable enough to share the information with staff members, which gives us the opportunity to follow up on anything unusual," Love wrote. "Please continue to encourage students share information, even rumors, with any staff member. This is the best way for us to keep Hudson High School safe and to help individual students as well."

Randy Hanson is a reporter for the Hudson-Star Observer.