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Track reconstruction approved by Ellsworth School Board

Reconstruction of the athletic track at the high school was approved by the Ellsworth School Board Monday.

Board members decided to have the track reconstructed by removing the existing surface, reclaiming the existing bituminous pavement and base aggregate, and replacing the frost-susceptible soil as necessary plus installing drain tile. The high jump and pole vault areas will be addressed, it was understood.

Seven options had been presented to the board by Inspec, a consulting firm retained to assess the existing track facility. However, the consultant said the firm wouldn't recommend the least costly of them, which called for removing the existing rubber surface and constructing one-half inch new rubber surface only.

Otherwise, the remaining six ranged in estimated cost from $110,000 for latex surface and $130,000 for polyurethane surface to $380,000 for latex and $400,000 for polyurethane, depending on the extent of the work to be done. The last three options, for example, differed by the depth to which the subgrade soils would be removed: to two feet, three feet or four feet, respectively. The consultant said he didn't have a strong preference for either a latex or a polyurethane surface, though he thought the present track's was latex and mentioned contractors don't tend to be installing latex much nowadays.

Read more in the print version of the Herald Dec. 14.

Bill Kirk

Bill Kirk was editor of the Pierce County Herald in Ellsworth, from 1988 to February, 2015 and is now on staff as a reporter. He holds a bachelors degree in journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He previously worked in the media distribution department at the University of Minnesota's Minneapolis campus and is past editor of The Tri-County News in Osseo, Wisconsin.

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