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Cowboy visits graders

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Equipped with more tools than a blacksmith, a quicker hand than a gun slinger and a smoother delivery than a desperado, Elmwood's cowboy, Jim Baier, visited fourth and fifth graders to share some of his talents in leather work. Baier told Elmwood's 10- and 11-year-olds of his grandfather, who worked as a horse harness and collar maker in Chetek. These skills were passed down to him, who put them to an award-winning test. At age eight, Baier received a pony saddle at Christmas. Through the use of many of his grandfather's tools, he restored this well-used item to a condition earning him Grand Champion at the Dunn County Fair. Baier demonstrated for students how leather workers created the necessary items to fulfill needs of the pioneers by showing how many of his grandfather's tools worked. He shared with youngsters the life of the cowboy and a little cowboy poetry as well.