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Prescott school levy to decrease

PRESCOTT-Due to a projected increase in state aid, the 2012-13 school portion of the tax levy is expected to decrease by almost half a mill, even with the levy cap extension that was approved in November of 2012, which will take effect the 2012-13 school year.

Prescott's 2012-13 state aid estimate is slightly over $7,000,000, a projected increase of $885,000 over last year's state aid of $6,115,000. State aid is determined by the ratio of property value per student.

Since Prescott property values are declining while enrollment grows, we receive more state aid because we have less property value to support each student. Schools with a lower amount of property value behind each student receive more state funding; this is called equalization aid.

It is projected two-thirds of the schools in Wisconsin will lose state aid, with the other third receiving increased funding. The state formula requires schools to adjust their local levy to account for changes in state funding.

Roger Hulne is the Prescott School Superintendent.