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Parents will find out today how their schools measure up to the new educational standards

Wisconsin parents will find out today how their schools measure up to the state's new-and-tougher educational standards. The Department of Public Instruction will issue report cards for each school - and parents with questions should be able to get answers. The schools have had a few weeks to analyze the new data, and discuss internally how to do what's expected of them. By starting its own evaluations, Wisconsin escaped many of the requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind Act. The new system has more comprehensive methods of evaluating both students and teachers, as opposed to the federal law which set scores on standardized tests that schools had to meet for all students by 2014. Among other things, the new test results will not look as rosy. Officials tried to get parents ready for that predicament a few weeks ago, by releasing what the scores from last year's standardized tests would have looked like under the new system. They showed large decreases in both math-and-reading. The new scores are closer in line with a well-established national exam. Many school officials welcome the new system. Tony Brazouski of the Whitnall district in suburban Milwaukee says it's about time that schools are judged on more than their test scores. But Waukesha Superintendent Todd Gray said officials have not had enough time to adjust. Menomonee Falls Superintendent Patricia Greco wrote parents to say the transition will be quote, "confusing for families."