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Prescott schools get state report cards

PRESCOTT--The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) released report cards to every school district in the state on Oct. 22.

These report cards were highly anticipated by school administration, as they reflect a significant change in how schools are held accountable at the state level. Furthermore, the scoring benchmarks on standardized tests are now much higher than they have been in previous years.

The report cards also grade schools based on four priority areas:

--Student Achievement, based on student reading and math scores;

--Student Growth, based on student improvement as measured on a three-year trajectory in comparison to students state-wide;

--Closing the gaps, based on the achievements of special needs, English language learners and disadvantaged socio-economic students in comparison to the general student population; and

--On-track and post-secondary readiness, based on data collected from specific tests at specific grade levels.

The DPI changed the assessment standards through this process with the goal of making "Every Child a Graduate College and Career Ready." The new assessment method implements a more rigorous standard that will reflect a reduction in the number of students who are rated as "proficient" or "advanced" on standardized testing.

According to Cheryl Spicer, PSD Curriculum Director, this does not mean local students are performing at lower levels. It means the report card scores are being analyzed with a greater amount of detail. The scores also take into account other criteria, such as test participation, absenteeism rate and drop-out rate.

At the Prescott School Board meeting on Oct. 22, Spicer revealed the report card scores to the board members. Spicer cautioned that, "Scores between buildings are not accurate comparisons due to different criteria for grade levels. However, as long as same grades are evaluated, the scores reflect accurate comparisons to other schools in the area and statewide."

The Prescott schools' report card scores are:

--Malone Elementary, 79.8 (Exceed Expectations);

--Prescott Middle School, 70.9 (Meet Expectations);

--Prescott High School, 70.4 (Meet Expectations).

The state issued 2,118 public school report cards with the following results:

--Sixty-eight schools scored 83-100, "Significantly Exceed" expectations;

--Six hundred thirty-seven school scored 73-83.9, "Exceed" expectations;

--Nine hundred six schools scored 63-72.9, "Meet" expectations;

--One hundred ninety schools scored 53-62.9, "Meet Few" expectations;

--Seventy-six schools scored 0-52.9, "Fail to Meet" expectations;

--Two hundred forty-one schools were not rated because they are new or alternative schools that could not produce comparable data for an overall accountability rating.

The school report cards are available online at the DPI website, listed by district for every public school in the state: The Wisconsin Information Network for Successful Schools provides a presentation of the data that can be arranged and analyzed in a variety of ways. That information can be access at

To view Spicer's full presentation to the board, go to and access the Oct. 22 meeting video. Questions about the Prescott School District Report cards can be directed to Spicer at (715) 262-5054 or by email