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Raider Re-Ride keeps bikes and community moving

Three Hudson Middle School students have started a free bike redistribution program in Hudson called Raider Re-Ride.

The program is for youth and adults in the community. Anyone can drop off old, unwanted or broken bikes at a location in the south parking lot of the HMS campus on Carmichael Road. They can also take a bike to use, all free of charge.

Students Taylor Buldra, Mira Manchanda and Lucia Rinta hope Raider Re-Ride catches on. They encourage the public to "take a bike or leave a bike," with the goal to lower the amount of CO2 emissions and encourage physical activity in Hudson.

The girls began this project as part of a national challenge called the "Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge". This program challenges middle school students to identify and solve environmental issues in their community. One of the requirements of these solutions is that they have to easy reproducible in other communities as well.

The girls believe the project they have designed fits the Siemens criteria and can benefit the entire community for years to come.

All bikes donated are available as is with repairs the responsibility of the new owners. The project is designed to facilitate the redistribution of the bikes.

The team has collected more than 50 bikes of all sizes, most of which were claimed in the Raider Re-Ride kick-off event last month while even more bikes were dropped off.

For more information about the Raider Re-Ride program contact the Hudson Middle School at (715)377-3820.