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Malone Elementary teams excel in Drama-Rama

Fourth graders in "Kids and Parents" were, in the front row: Hayden Pattridge, Walker Lenz; in the middle row: Jade Johnson, Lauren Hanson, Shelby Schultz, Sophie Tibayan, Piper Petroske, Bessie Schommer, Macy Cleasby, Tori Benck; in the back row: Emersyn Eichman, Coach Julie Taylor, Summer Preston.1 / 4
Third graders in the "The Tortoise and the Hare" were, in the front row: Shayanne Stenroos, Faith Rohl, Faith Taylor, Henry Gray; in the back row: Elsie Dempsey-Rice, Gabbi Guyer, Maya Quiroz, Coach Tina Stenroos, Maya Miller, Kailani Newton.2 / 4
Fifth graders in "The Boy and the Sword" were, in the front row: Ashley Rieken, Megan Gilles; in the middle row: Aiden Nespbor, Delaney Radke, Payton Lebakken, Luke Hillman; in the back row: Brandon Rundquist, Coach Pat Taylor, Cody Miller, Samantha McCaffery, Alex Stancer, Zachary Knee.3 / 4
Fourth graders in "The Gifts of Wali Dad" were, in the front row: Riley Clymer, Chloe Johnson, Carolina Gathright, Brenna Rowe, Grace Carlson, Jolene Schultz; in the back row: Emma Kreager, Marissa Jansen, Isabella Lenz, Coach Brenda Carlson, David McKinney, Damion Huppert, Emma Fiedler, Maddie Tibay. -- Photos submitted4 / 4

PRESCOTT--Malone Elementary School of Prescott's Drama-Rama teams did extremely well at the Drama-Rama Festival competition, held Nov. 10 at Osceola Intermediate School in Osceola.

Tina Stenroos coached the third grade team that performed "The Tortoise and the Hare." This is the first year the third grade team has performed and they did an awesome job! The team received a total of 37 points out of a possible 45, which put them in the blue-ribbon category. Of seven teams that performed, this team placed second overall!

Congratulations to the following team members for their fine performance: Myah Miller, Faith Taylor, Faith Rohl, Gabbi Guyer, Kailani Newton, Henry Gray, Maya Quiroz, Shayanne Stenroos and Elsie Dempsey-Rice.

The second third grade team, coached by Jenna Rohl, also did very well for their first year. The team performed "The Bremen Town Musicians" and received a total of 39 points out of 45, which put them in the blue-ribbon category. Of all the seven teams that performed, Mrs. Rohl's team placed first overall and, therefore, is bringing home a school plaque!

The actors who performed so wonderfully on this team are: Breanne Auleciems, Tess Kinney, Grace Dickey, Madison Matzek, Morgan Lundeen, Mallory Boles, Ella Rohl, Cameron Close and Kyle Budworth.

Julie Taylor coached the fourth grade team, which performed "Kids and Parents." Their team did an outstanding job with this play and had a total of 42.5 points out of 45, which put them in the blue-ribbon category. Out of all the nine teams in the fourth grade category, this team took a very close second place overall (there was a .5 difference between this team and the first-place overall)!

The actors who performed so wonderfully on this team are: Tori Benck, Emersyn Eichman, Walker Lenz, Macy Cleasby, Piper Petroske, Sophie Tibayan, Shelby Schultz, Bessie Schommer, Jade Johnson, Summer Preston, Lauren Hanson and Hayden Pattridge.

For more please read the Nov. 21 print version of the Herald.