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Teams play dodge ball for charity

The "Lightening Bolts" were awarded best costume.1 / 3
The team sponsored by Dairy Queen was victorious.2 / 3
The runners-up were the "Chennel Four Action News Team". -- Photos submitted3 / 3

On Nov. 15, Just Do Something, a volunteer organization at Ellsworth High School, hosted their first Dodge Ball Charity Tournament.

Teams made up of local business people, community members, teachers and students competed against one another in a round-robin tournament officiated by Jack Radabaugh. It was a night of fun, competition and fast-moving action.

At the end of the night, the team sponsored by Dairy Queen, made up of Gabe Mooney, Evan Schulte, Brett Freier, Kyle Murphy and Adam Schuster, were victorious. The runners-up were the "Channel Four Action News Team," made up of Eric McGregor, Jonah Conway, Richie Powers, Max Kuehn, Carson Johnson and Michael Koch.

The winners' prize was the chance to choose which charity would receive the proceeds of the evening. The Dairy Queen team chose Autism Speaks, and the runners-up donated their portion to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The Pierce-Pepin Cooperative Services team, the Pepin Lightening Bolts, was awarded best costume.

Appreciation goes to all who helped and participated.