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$1.1 million dollars were overpaid to U of W employees

Another one-point-one million dollars were overpaid to University of Wisconsin employees. That brings the total to 34-million in overpayments caused by glitches in the U-W's two-year-old centralized computer payroll-and-benefit system. The Board of Regents was told yesterday that the latest overpayments resulted from billing errors - as well as Social Security and federal income taxes that were not withheld from student employee paychecks. Board members criticized U-W officials. Regent Gerald Whitburn said the problems with the new Human Resource System were much broader than what the panel was originally told. And System President Kevin Reilly told the Regents to expect even more bad news during the year, as more reviews take place. The U-W decided not to try-and-collect around 700-thousand-dollars in taxes owed by the students - and the university paid the bill themselves. The rest of the latest overpayment was due to excess benefit payments. Employees on extended leaves were supposed to pay for their own benefits, but many didn't. Some of it was paid back, but the amount was not disclosed - and it's not part of the one-point-one million in new net overpayments. A state audit report last month disclosed the original 33-million in excess health premiums and retirement benefits given to U-W employees. The retirement benefits were recovered - but employee contracts have held up the collecting of some of the excess health payments. The total recovered so far is about 20-million. The benefit system writes checks for 79-thousand employees at 26 U-W campuses, 72 county Extension offices, and other university facilities.