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Anger Malone Spelling Bee Champion

Pictured are the top three winners from the Malone Elementary Spelling Bee Feb. 8 (from left to right): Kyle Fohrenkamm, Halle Anger and Shayla Rein. -- Submitted photo1 / 2
Pictured are the top classroom spellers in grades three through five. -- Submitted photo2 / 2

Fourth-grader Halle Anger was named the 2013 Malone Elementary School Spelling Bee Champion February 8.

After ten rounds, third-grader Shayla Rein was declared the third-place winner while third-grader Kyle Fohrenkamm and Anger began the Championship Round. Anger won the Bee after four rounds by correctly spelling 'profane'. Anger will not go on to represent Malone Elementary School at the Regional Contest, Wednesday, Feb. 20, at Viking Middle School in Woodville.