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Fact or fiction?

PRESCOTT--As the Prescott community explores options for addressing the space needs of the Prescott School District, we often hear a number of perceptions about the recommendations.

In order to fully address the needs in the district--and the entire community--we need to make sure we sort out fact from fiction. My goal over the next couple of weeks is to address some of the comments that are surfacing with the facts:

Fiction--Prescott enrollment is not increasing. Fact--The truth is, the Prescott area population is steadily growing and school enrollment reflects that growth.

Prescott enrollment trends have steadily increased by approximately 16 percent since 2000. Much of that growth is at Malone Elementary School, where enrollment has increased by 26.8 percent in the past seven years, or 125 students.

The Applied Population Laboratory at UW-Madison completed a population trend study in January 2013. Based on census records and local government data, they project enrollment will increase by 8.3 percent over the next five years, with a strong increase in middle school and high school enrollment.

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Roger Hulne is the Prescott School Superintendent