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Fifth grade team wins Malone Battle of Books

Mrs. Christenson's fifth grade "Battle of the Books" team. -- Photo submitted

PRESCOTT--On Feb. 27, Mrs. Christenson's fifth grade "Battle of the Books" team won the Malone Elementary School Battle of the Books competition. Parent volunteer Lori McCaffery coached the team.

The reading incentive program is designed to improve reading comprehension and is offered through the Extensions program under the direction of Mrs. Johnson at Malone.

In February, members of the fifth grade classes volunteered to form a team. Approximately four-to-five members of each team were assigned to read one book from a list of five. The members were also to attend three practice sessions, which were coached by parent volunteers. This year, each team is made up of approximately 20 students.

After answering a series of 15 questions, Mrs. Christenson's team took first place with a total of 28 points, while Mrs. Anderson's team, coached by parent volunteer Jennifer Thibado, took second place with 24 points. The third and fourth places were separated by only two points: Mr. Matzek's team, coached by Charisse Rawn, came in third with 20 points, while Mrs. Raebel's team, coached by Maria Franco, came in a close fourth with 18 points.

Congratulations to all the teams for their tremendous effort!