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Shakespeare meets disco in Ellsworth High School's 'Twelfth Night'

William Shakespeare's classic comedy of mistaken identities hits the Ellsworth High School stage 1970s style on Thursday-Saturday, March 21-23, at 7:30 p.m. at Ellsworth High School.

The story of a twin brother and sister who get separated in a shipwreck, "Twelfth Night" is a story of love, told the only way Shakespeare can, with lots of mistaken identities and a whole lot of confusion. After Viola (Molly Schneider-Adams) is separated from her twin brother Sebastian (Jacob Fuchs), she believes the only way to stay safe is to disguise herself as a boy and work at the home of the ruling duke, Duke Orsino (Jonah Conway), with whom she falls in love. The Duke, however, is in love with the beautiful Olivia (Kali Schaar), who in turn falls in love with the male version of Viola.

After a whole lot of confusion, twists and turns, and subplots involving some comical practical jokes, the entire thing gets sorted out and everyone ends up happy. And, just to keep things exciting, the whole show is set in the 1970s with a full disco soundtrack. If the story sounds familiar, it was the basis for the Disney film "She's the Man."

The subplot revolves around Olivia's cousin, Sir Toby Belch (Brett Freier). One of Shakespeare's most famous comic characters, Sir Toby involves many others in his practical jokes, such as the fairly dimwitted Sir Andrew (Michael Tonsager), the compliant Fabian (Austin Krauss), the foolish jester Fester (Ethan Hayes) and the clever Maria (Brieanna Davis), and all of their trickery is at the expense of the outlandishly arrogant Malvolio (Kenny Stowe).

The rest of the cast includes a dashing and handsome pirate (Logan Radkey), a brave sea captain (Jarek Fischer), a collection of faithful servants (Caleb Truax and Samantha Lee), and a following of lords and ladies (Kelsey Betthauser, Payton Bjorkman, Marie Johnson, Derek Matzek and Ellie Schuster).

The play is directed by Ms. Shelly Moore, with stage management by juniors Austin Wilcox and Heather Wilcox, and sophomore Mallory Gardas, and costume design by Ethan Hayes. Additional assistance is provided by Katie Deiss (assistant director), Ben Moldenhauer, Cole Hayes and Megan Stress.

The ridiculous comedy promises antics, some questionable fashions of the 1970s and a whole lot of laughter.

Tickets are $8 for adults and $3 for students. For more information, visit