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Wisconsin Industrial Sand gives $19,100 grant to Plum City schools

A check for $19,100 was presented to the Plum City School District by Fairmount Minerals Foundation Thursday. From left to right in the front are: Mr. Bentley, Rhiannon Kernstock, Shelby Kannel, Tyler Maxwell, Jessica Martin and Lauren Evans. In the back are: Mr. Churchill, Linkon Foley, Andrew Gilles, Danyelle Hovland and Lexie Radle. -- Photo by Bill Kirk

PLUM CITY--Wisconsin Industrial Sand Company (WISC), a subsidiary of Fairmount Minerals, recently distributed more than $176,000 to schools throughout four area counties, including Pierce.

Two of the grants awarded by the Fairmount Minerals Foundation went to the Plum City School District. The $19,100 donation will be used to install new computers in the middle/high school computer lab, and to install climate control in their server room.

"The school district has faced some tough challenges with declining enrollment the past six years, and the lack of funding has resulted in many repair projects being delayed and the inability to replace aging technology," said Plum City Middle/High School Principal Paul Churchill, who indicated the number of computers in the district is approximately 180 and they should be replaced on a five-year rotation.

"The donation comes at a very good time as we strive to stay current with technology improvements in our school district. Small schools have certainly seen their share of financial difficulties in recent years, but the benefits of providing our students with a small school experience are well worth the challenges to keep our school viable in years to come," Churchill said.

WISC Regional Sustainable Development Coordinator Lauren Evans said the volunteer and charitable contribution programs at WISC and Fairmount Minerals go above and beyond any programs she's seen at other companies.

"Fairmount prides themselves in its sustainable development programs, and a big part of that is giving back to the communities where we live and work. I am grateful that we were able to make such a big impact on the schools in our community," Evans said.

Grants to Ellsworth High School, Prairie View Elementary School, Spring Valley Elementary and Middle/High Schools, and St. Francis School have supported everything from academic programs to technology and capital improvements.