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Fifth grade Math Masters team excels

Prescott's fifth grade Math Masters team fared well in Hammond. -- Photo submitted

PRESCOTT--Congratulations to the Prescott Fifth Grade Math Masters Team, as they did very well in the annual Math Masters Tournament in Hammond on April 26.

Cardinal Time Teacher Mrs. Kelly Johnson from Malone Elementary School coached the three teams attending this event. A total of 22 teams from around the western part of Wisconsin participated individually and as teams on eight sets of mathematical problems in this competition.

Malone's teams placed as follows:

The team of Lucas Ackman, Hannah Huang, Ryan Pederson, Preston Raden and Alex Stancer placed eighth.

The team of Alexis Fredericks, Megan Gilles, Luke Hillman, Carter Johnson and Zach Knee placed 15th.

The team of Claudia Johnson, Anna Mercord, Brett Nelson, Aiden Nespbor and Joey Schulte placed 17th.

One hundred two students attended this competition. High scorers in this competition were as follows:

--Hannah Huang, placing 13th in Fact Drill;

--Alex Stancer, placing 20th in Fact Drill;

--Megan Gilles, placing 21st in Fact Drill;

--Zach Knee, placing 22nd in Fact Drill;

--Joey Schulte and Lucas Ackman tied for 23rd in Fact Drill;

--Claudia Johnson, placing 24th in Fact Drill;

--Anna Mercord, placing 25th in Fact Drill;

--Brett Nelson, placing 26th in Fact Drill;

--Lucas Ackman, 24th in Individual Problem Solving Round;

--Preston Raden, 30th in Individual Problem Solving Round;

--Hannah Huang, 33rd in Individual Problem Solving Round.