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Danceline cut by Ellsworth School Board

A suggestion to discontinue danceline for the 2013-14 school year was accepted by the Ellsworth School Board Monday.

Over the past two years, the interest in danceline has continued to get smaller and the issue of inconsistent commitment has continued, according to information provided to the board. The girls who have participated in the past are now moving on to other sports.

For the 2013-14 school year, there's one girl signed up for danceline, the information states. This girl also signed up for another fall sport knowing of the possibility danceline wouldn't be offered. Another girl who's been out for danceline the last three years, as a senior, is trying another sport for the fall and no longer has interest in participating in danceline.

In the 2011-12 year, the coach of three years was no longer interested in coaching the team. The number of girls to start the season was nine and the season ended with four. In the 2012-13 school year, a new coach was hired. There were seven girls to start the season and three girls ended the season; this coach is no longer interested in coaching the team based on the same issues of the previous seasons.

Athletic Director Ann Anderson told the board another option would be to combine cheer and danceline, with the competition aspect of the latter eliminated. However, after being assured the balance in numbers of sports for both boys and girls will still be maintained, as required by Title 9, members agreed to cut danceline.

Watch for more information in the print version of the Herald.

Bill Kirk

Bill Kirk was editor of the Pierce County Herald in Ellsworth, from 1988 to February, 2015 and is now on staff as a reporter. He holds a bachelors degree in journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He previously worked in the media distribution department at the University of Minnesota's Minneapolis campus and is past editor of The Tri-County News in Osseo, Wisconsin.

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