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High school students face tougher English and math standards

Wisconsin high school students will soon face tougher standards for English and math and a national group is already praising that effort.

The American Diploma Project says Wisconsin is taking an important step in preparing young people for success.

The Badger state is joining 34 other states in adopting the tougher standards, with the help of a non-profit business and government group called Achieve Inc.

That group and others has criticized Wisconsin in the past for having some of the nation's lowest proficiency standards and being too rosy in reporting their results.

Even U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said recently that Wisconsin was probably among the states that have "dummied-down standards" in recent years. And he praises the new effort.

Tony Evers, who was sworn in yesterday as Wisconsin's new public school superintendent, said the Diploma Project's endorsement was important.

He says it shows that Wisconsin's new secondary English and math standards are considered rigorous. And he said it will help the state participate more fully in national education reform.