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Plum City students earn Red Cross recognition

These six proud seniors earned the privilege of wearing an extra red cord at graduation. They earned the honor from the American Red Cross for donating blood or working at blood drives throughout their high school career. From left to right are: Angie Craighton, Brady Myer, Heather Von Holtum, Jessica Kearns, Amber Unser and Ashlie Miller.1 / 2
Recipients of a $400 scholarship from the American Red Cross were announced at the honors banquet on May 15. From left to right are: Verna Weiss, local coordinator, Brady Myer, Angie Craighton, Tyler Niebur, Amber Unser, Heather Von Holtum and Denise Emstad, North Central Donor Recruitment Representative.2 / 2

PLUM CITY--In an effort to engage high school students on the life-saving experience of donating blood, the American Red Cross has initiated dual programs designed especially for them.

Through the "Young Minds Change Lives Educational Scholarship Program," high school students have the opportunity to help others while also helping to establish a college scholarship fund to benefit students at their school. By helping at the blood drives and based on the number of units of blood collected, the students earned $2,000 for this year's class. The money was distributed evenly to five graduates.

In response to the question, "What have you gained from your experience of giving blood?" one scholarship winner responded, "The discomfort of getting poked by the needle is insignificant compared to the gratification of giving blood." What a great attitude!

The Red Cord Honors Program is designed to recognize students who have donated blood at least four times during their high school career. For students who are not eligible to donate due to weight or medical restrictions, the option to volunteer at least eight hours at a blood drive is available.

The American Red Cross awards students who qualify a red honor cord to wear during their high school graduation activities. Coordinators for Plum City were very proud to have six recipients of this honor.